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Health Promotion / Addictions Prevention

Health Promotion Services
Support to schools in implementing the Healthy Schools and Communities Approach:
Consultants in Health Promotion, in collaboration with the CSSS’s, accompany LBPSB Elementary and Secondary school teams in implementing the Healthy Schools and Communities Approach, an approach that stems from an agreement between the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health. Consultants support schools in planning and implementing effective and sustainable prevention and health promotion initiatives. Broad areas of prevention and health promotion include violence prevention, mental health, sexuality, addictions prevention, nutrition, physically active lifestyles, school-family relations, and school-community relations. Direct support is provided throughout all steps of the process from the identification of prevention needs and priorities to the evaluation of actions.
For more information on the Healthy Schools and Communities Approach:
“Healthy Schools: Guide for the education community and its partners” (MELS/MSSS 2005)
Facilitation of links between the Healthy Schools Approach and other prevention frameworks:
Consultants facilitate links between the Healthy Schools and Communities Approach and other prevention and health promotion frameworks related to violence, sexuality, healthy lifestyles, etc.
For more information on prevention and health promotion frameworks:
“Violence in the schools: Let’s work on it together!” (MELS action plan to prevent and deal with violence in the schools, 2009-2011)
“Sex Education in the context of the Education reform” (MELS, 2003).
“Going the Healthy Route to School: Framework Policy on Healthy Eating and Active Living: (MELS, 2007)
“I care about school! All together for student success” (MELS, 2009)
Support to schools in addictions prevention and intervention:
Consultants in Health Promotion spearhead Partners in Prevention, a working group comprised of representatives from organizations who are interested in increasing parental awareness of addiction-related behaviors among youth.
Partners include:
Portage (www.portage.ca)
McGill Center for gambling and high-risk behaviors (www.youthgambling.com)
West Island YMCA
The committee implements an annual board-wide awareness initiative and has created a guide to assist parents of grade 6 students.
To consult the parents guide: 
Consultants in Health Promotion coordinate an agreement with Pavillon Foster in order for students of LBPSB high schools to receive support from Pavillon Foster for problems related to drugs, alcohol or gambling.   Each high school has identified 2 staff members (Guidance Counsellor, Planning Room Technician, etc.) to support students through the process of change, to assess the severity of drug/alcohol involvement through a simple screening process and refer students to Fosters school-based counseling service when appropriate. Consultants in Health Promotion ensure the liaison between the school screeners and Pavillon Foster and ensure that screeners are provided with on-going support and training.
For more information on Pavillon Foster:
Involvement in community development:
Consultants in Health Promotion play an active role in the community through their involvement on committees such as La table de Concertation Jeunesse de l’Ouest-de-l’Ile (www.tcjoi.com).
Consultants in Health Promotion also facilitate the liaison between schools and various organizations that provide prevention initiatives directly in the schools. Some of these organizations include:
Friends for Mental Health
The Youth Coalition Against Smoking
AJOI (Action jeunesse de l'Ouest de L'île
Professional development:
Consultants in Health Promotion provide tailored workshops to school personnel on the Healthy Schools Approach, drug prevention, etc.
For more information on Prevention and Health Promotion Services, contact:
Viviane Briand at vbriand@lbpsb.qc.ca and Mylaine Cardin mcardin@lbpsb.qc.ca


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